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Coaching Roundtable

About Us

About Us

The Executive Coaching Roundtable (ECR) is a forum for the continuing professional education of experienced, senior-level executive coaches. It is a stimulating, supportive, and confidential learning community designed to strengthen and refine members’ professional knowledge and skills.


ECR was founded in 1998 on values that remain central to the group's work. Participants contribute diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives to the Roundtable. Each member has more than 20 years of experience in the executive coaching field across all levels of leadership and sectors.


ECR has a process to invite new members whenever an opening is available.

Executive Coaching Roundtable Values

  • Make it safe to learn

  • Build personal connections

  • Manage boundaries of competition

  • Cultivate and encourage generosity as a learning tool

  • Foster equity, fairness and openness

  • Balance theory and practice

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Our Members

Our Members

web_Cheryl Green2.jpg

Cheryl Green

web_Ellen Harvey.jpg

Ellen Harvey

web_Jan Weetjens.jpg

Jan Weetjens

web_Bob Kleinschmidt2.jpg

Bob Kleinschmidt

web_Regina Romero.jpg

Regina Romero

ECR - Amber - Ashleigh Bing Photo-4 (1)_edited.jpg

Amber Romine

web_Eugene Schnell.jpg

Eugene Schnell

web_Richard Tanenbaum2.jpg

Richard Tanenbaum

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources
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Helpful Resources
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